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Our company representative: Takuya Fujikawa

Optlynx Co., Ltd.

Established as an IT technology company in September 2004. Expanded operations with investments from Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., JAFCO Co., Ltd., and Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd. by 2007. Since then, we have been primarily engaged in the development and operation of Internet ad technology, distributed computing systems, crypto currency engineering, blockchain engineering, and other related fields.
Representative Director: Takuya Fujikawa
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Our Specializations

Our technical range includes

Since our establishment, we have been primarily involved in web payment solutions and distributed computing. However, in recent years, we have also been focusing on building ad technology and fintech solutions. Additionally, we conduct development and operations using major programming languages and web languages.
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Ad technology

Development and operation of adware based on behavioral targeting.

Distributed computing

e possess approximately 900,000 distributed computing nodes worldwide.


We are enabling robust transactions for financial institutions.

Payment solutions

Secure web-based payment solutions
What we do

Our skill set includes

e possess a wide range of technical expertise, including Objective-C for iOS development, fast and reliable C++, C#, and Java, as well as Python and PHP for web system development. We also have proficiency in server-side languages. Additionally, we provide strong web design support for systems built using these languages.
⇒ Recent development and operational achievements
  • 01Major Language Programming
  • 02Web Programming
  • 03Server Management
  • 04Project Planning & Support
  • 05Web Designing
Major language programming
Web Programming
Server Management
Project Planning & Support/div>
Web Designing
Our Latest best Works
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  • Computing
  • Blockchain
  • AdTech
  • Fintech

BOINC Genome Analysis Project


Behavioral analysis and targeted advertising delivery


DRM - Digital Rights Management


Various web services


HIV vaccine development project


Crypto currency mining system


Data-driven network



Partners & Clients

We have collaborated with and conducted transactions with over 100 companies, primarily in the fields of ad technology, distributed computing, big data, blockchain, and fintech, both domestically and internationally
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3-3-11 Hiranocho, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

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